Fall 2023

Summer 2023


The Iron Triangle: Willets Point and the Remaking of New York

2017. A feature-length, documentary film on a community of immigrant small business owners as they fight to save their American Dream from government sanctioned bulldozers. Co-Directed with William Lehman. Premiered at DOCNYC.

The process of making the film (when it was called A City Trace) was partially documented here

Berlin, 1922

In 2012, Lily Benson and Cassandra Guan recruited a group of over fifty artists and filmmakers to produce a collective biopic, resulting in the The Filmballad of MAMADADA . Participants were invited to interpret specific biographical fragments and create filmic adaptations on their own terms. Made in collaboration with William Lehman.

The Water's Pretty to Me

In late April and early May of 2011, Memphis briefly joined the fraternity of cities affected by natural disasters attributed to "global weirding." Thanks to snowmelt from the north and heavy rains, the Mississippi River stopped just short of beating its record flood level set in 1927.

I made this short video, in the atmosphere of bated breath and surreal festivity, in an attempt to examine how the seemingly disparate political grids of local decision-making are actually connected and felt on a national level. The two main, anonymous narrators view the river from their own vantage points and try to come to terms with what it means when an ignored element becomes "out of control."


Prudence Katze is an artist and urbanist who is interested in how political infrastructures intersect with the physical world.

She received a BFA from The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art and a Masters in Urban Planning from the City University of New York’s Hunter College. She was a co-recipient of a 2016 Graham Foundation Grant for The Iron Triangle.

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